Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lucy Winchester

Title:  Lucy Winchester
Author: Christmas Carol Kauffman
First published: 1968
Publisher: Christian light publications 
Number of pages: 490

Back of book:
As a girl, Lucy Winchester yearned for spiritual fellowship and understanding.  Her father, however, was a stern backwoodsman who stood foursquare against religion
of any sorts.
Lucy's lifelong spiritual quest is set against a backdrop of two difficult marriages that include broken promises, sickness, numerous infant deaths, alcoholism, tragic accidents, and poverty.
From the unspeakable joy of learning to know Christ as her Saviour, Lucy stumbles through years of spiritual ignorance, doubt, disappointment, and despair until she eventually found peace again in Christ.
This true account reflects the goodness of God patiently leading those who are thirsty to the fountains of living water.
Readers who have known personal trials will be blessed with fresh courage by reading this book.

My thoughts: 
'Lucy Winchester' is a heartwarming book, thats true.
Parts of it will seem so bleak and dark for poor Lucy, who through the whole book seems to hold a air of innocence, even with all she has gone through.
Some parts seemed rather phony, but others seemed just as real as can be.
I enjoyed this book, as it was not partial to any certain denomination (that I can remember, anyway) as most of Mrs. Kauffman's books are.
The ending was 'alright', Some things left me rather 'humphed' about, but it was, on a whole a good ending.

The good example of faith, innocents, and forgiveness. It does make you feel all wonderful about this loving God of ours.
Does not show any favor over denominations.

slighty un-realistic parts.
'humphy' ending.
Lucy does elope for her first marriage.

I rate this 4 stars for Heartwarming, encouraging plot, and good character formation.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! You got a Shelfari! :D :D

I own this book, and LOVE it! I love all of Christmas Carol Kaufamn's books.

Are you going to do an objectionable content rating on the books you read? Just wondering. ;)

Shelley said...

Nice book review! :) I'm a new follower. I really like your blog name and header! I read your interview over at Shaynie's book blog. Come stop by my blog sometime! :)

**~Jo~** said...

Awesome review! Emily is going through some books you loaned her and I was wondering could I borrow some too? ;)

Love ya!

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