Friday, April 13, 2012

H.G Wells

"Everyone seemed eager to talk at once, and the result was Babel"
(From 'The Invisible Man')

This man is a genius. Ok, so maybe I don't admire his politcal and Religous views, nor his Personal Life, but his books are indeed an amazing legecy. Despite his problems, I would indeed love to meet Mr. Herbert George Wells.

I started reading his novel, "The Time Machine", and I found it very enjoyable. Written in 1895, it was the first Time traveling book of its kind.  Mr. Wells stepped out the the ordinary sort of writing, and wrote something amazing indeed.

Along with Jules Verne (Who I also admire) and Hugo Greenback (who I know nothing about) H.G Wells is known to be the Father of Science Fiction. And as a astutue lover of the genre, both in movies and books, I tip my hat to the men who "Made it so".

A friend introduced me to 'The Invisible Man' in a roundabout way.  And it wasn't the book she was showing me, but the 1933 movie.  After hearing some bad things about the movie, I kinda cast the idea aside.  It wasn't until a few months later, when I was browsing Goodread's free e-book selection, when I came upon this beauty.  At first, I didn't know The Time Machine (Called TTM from here on out) and The Invisible man (TIM) shared the same author, but I knew I had to read this old 'horror'. After reading the first chapter, I realized H.G Wells wrote both masterpeices.  I was interested, but at the time, had more popular books that sidetracked me, and it wasn't until last night I repicked up TIM.


H.G Wells is now one of my most favorite author.

He helped pioneer Sci-fi, and Did you know, his novel, "When the Sleeper Wakes" was the first ever dystopian novel? He created that genre.

His short story, "The New Accelerator" inspired 2 Star Trek Episodes, (VOY: Blink of an Eye, and OT: Wink of an Eye).

In 1901, He wrote a novel about men on the Moon, "The First Men on the Moon".

And of the two novels I'm reading (TIM and TTM), I'm very, very inpressed.

He wasn't just a writer of novels, He helped write a future path.

"If you fell down yesterday, stand up today."
-H.G Wells

While he might have been an amazing man in his writing craft, Mr. Wells' personal life was less...uplifting.  Not in shambles, but not at all honorable.  He married his cousin, Isabell Mary Wells, in 1891, but they agreed to seperate in 1894 when he fell in love with a student of his named Amy Catherine Robbins (She was known as Jane). Amy and Herbert married, and 2 sons, George and Frank.  However, H.G had...affairs, with several other women (Amy approved, which shows how bird brained she must've been), one of them including Birth Control activist, Margaret Sanger.  And Amber Reeves, who he had a daughter name Anna-Jane with.

He was a socialist (which I boo), and a pacifist. Even though he had big problems with the Nazi party during the WWs. And. in fact, during WW2, he was the President of a club called, International PEN (Poets, Essayist and Novelists), and when the German branch refused to allow non-aryan people to continue their membership or join, he promptly cut them off. The SS didn't like that, and his name was in fact on their immedinat arrest list when they planned on conquering Britian. Which we all knew never happened.

Mr. Wells did like Joseph Stalin, which for the life of me, I can't figure out why.

He leaned towards an all religionist. He thought all the different reliogions in the world were ok, just not for everybody. Now, I REALLY don't agree with that, but thankfully none of his religious veiws have leaked into any of the books I've read so far.

I am so glad to have discovered Mr. Wells. He truly was a great writer who paved the way for Star Trek, Star Wars, and The Hunger Games.

Think how different our world would be without him?  Not just the fictional world, but our everyday world, Cell Phones, Ipads, Computers, all inspired by Science Fiction.

These men deserve an award.

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