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Cloaked in Secrets

:My random thoughts:As said in the last review of Mrs. Havig's novel, 'Thirty Days Hath', I kinda made the point that I absolutely love her and her works.  The first book of The Annals of Wynnwood Series was the first novel I read by that wonderful lady, and it has taken me this long to get my hands on book 2, and I'm still groping for book 3. But, to my point, 'Cloaked in Secrets' was worth the wait. By far. It is, again, a master piece.  Dove continues her endear herself to me, and the developments that were hinted upon in the first book were expanded, but not finished, in CIS.  The unicorns were indeed interesting, and I love how Phillip and Dove's relationship was tested, I feel as if it is surely groundwork for the reveal of who Dove is in book 3.

:Publisher's Description:
Searching for the elusive unicorns of Wynnewood’s forests sends Philip and Dove on an adventure that threatens more than the freedom of the beautiful creatures.  What lurks within the depths of the Sceadu?  Will their quest to satisfy Lord Morgan’s desire to own a unicorn cost Dove everything— even her life?
:info to know:
Author: Chautona Havig
My recommended age: 10+
Their recommended age: NA
Publisher: Create Space
Number of Pages: 300

Characters: Dove drives me crazy in a good way. I keep grasping at any hint of who/what she is, and battering it back and forth with my siblings. (We went from Albino to Klingon in a matter of minutes. yeah. Klingon, lol).  Phillip is such a sweet boy, so many times, I just want to ruffle his hair, and hug him.  And then Bertha. How do I put Bertha? She annoys me, then amuses me. She makes me angry, then happy. That woman is a tricky puzzle.
It was very good.  I liked the new additions, and the old following ups.  The Unicorns were exceptional interesting, at first, I was sure they'd get one, and then I wasn't so sure, and then I was. I know, that sounds complicated, but its the truth.

Writing Style:
I'm just going to quote what I said in my review of Thirty Days Hath:
"Perfect.  She writes with detail, while still leaving a lot for the reader to imagine.  Her humor seems to fit my idea of humor, and the characters are just so individual and lovely"
I simply adore whoever did the Annals' cover art. Bravo, brava to them.
Ending: It satisfied me, while still making me hungry for more. I do indeed need the third book. and fast.
World Building: It was good to visit Wynnwood, Sceadu, the caves, Bertha's hut, Lord Morgan's castle, and the town again. When you read it, you become endeared to this fictional place in Britain. It becomes like a recluse where things are simpler, yet not perfect.
  Language: None.
Drugs and Drink:  I think there was a scene where Dove meets certain...people (Can't give away spoilers) and there is a dance where I think it was that the drink had run freely, and everyone was very happy. It resulted in a mishap for Dove, as she got to carefree in how she danced, and her hood fell back. And that sobered everybody pretty quickly...
Romance and sexual content: none.
Violence: There is a battle between those certain people mentioned above. But that's it, and its not graphic.

I honestly don't think it is in me to give this book any more then a:

For more about Chautona, go to her website, 'Just the Write escape".
She has a page up for 'The Annals of Wynnwood' and you can look around at her other published works, and works in progress. 
(And there is a book trailer...I'm a sucker for book trailers. ^.^)

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