Saturday, February 26, 2011

A pocket full of Rye ~ Agatha Christie

Author: Agatha Christie
Pages: 211
Age level: 11 +
Publisher: Unknown
Publisher's description: 

In this ingeniously plotted Christie classic, a child's nursery rhyme holds three clues to finding a cunning killer when a well-to-do household becomes infested with murder.

This is the best of the best of the novels starring Christie's...Miss Marple. -- New York Times

My Thoughts:

This is the only book of Agatha C.'s that I have read, so I haven't anything to compare it to except Sherlock Holmes and The Mandie books, and I must say, it scores well.
I am a Sherlock Holmes addict, and an It-is-only-good-if Holmes-is-in-it type, But this one held me quite rapt, and I must say it was WONDERFUL!
They eventual Killer is NOT who you would think, Christie had a wonderful way of twisting and turning until those you suspected grew innocent and the innocent ones grew suspected.
The above mentioned Miss Marble was able to pin point the killer while the detective was scratching his head in wonder...She is awesome.

Would I suggest this?:

I star this:
5 stars.
For well written plot, great character forms and overall greatness.

Have you read any of Agatha Christie's books?

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Anonymous said...

I have never read any Agatha Christie. My dad has, though. I LOVE Sherlock Holmes!

**~Jo~** said...

Ash uh lee! If you want to loan this out to your friend Jo I know she would love to borrow it! :D

Hannah said...

Sounds like an awesome book. I haven't read any Agatha Christie books, but my sister loves them! Great review! :)

Tarissa said...

I'm excited about the Agatha Christie books. I've never read one myself, but the story of this one sounds intriguing. It just so happens that in your post you mentioned a couple of my favorite books... Sherlock Holmes... and Mandie. So, I'm sure I'll love the Agatha books too, whenever I'm able to read one.
Thanks for sharing!

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