Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cyborg book 2 of the Clone codes series

Author: Patricia, Frederick and John Mickissack
Pages: 144
Age level: 11 +
Publisher: Scholastic
Back of the book:

"There are two old transplant doctors who've come from a neighboring town. They've agreed to treat me. I'm still delirious from the accident.  All of me is heavy. I'm afraid I might die.
I see my parents struggling with the idea of doing what's available in this place, or dooming me to a life of rejection.

"Whats the boy's name?" one of the doctors ask Mom and Dad. I start to tell them my name, but I'm to weak to even talk. The doctor administers an injection, and I'm out again.

I wake up blinking hard, trying to make sense of things.  Nothing;s in focus at first, then everything's sharp in front of me. 

I have a biofe eye, a biofe arm and leg, and a new artificial heart.


Doctors have installed a computer chip in my arm that reports my whereabouts and my life status to the Bureau of Cyborg Affairs."
My thoughts:

I LOVE this series. And reading this book about Houston was just incredible. I think it is all worded right, and it is so real like, that you feel like your walking right beside Houston.


 1~ It is VERY realistic.
2~ The Mckissacks are very detailed in their writing.
3~ It is very young reader friendly.
4~ You wont be able to put it down.
1~ I think it can blow you away a bit, but not as bad as book one. Probably because you know some of the terms and words and what they mean and who everybody is....
2~ You will definitely want to read book one before this one.  It picks up where The clone codes left off, therefore, you might not understand what is happening.
3~ The chapters are small, which could be a good thing.  But unlike most chapters in book which finish a line of plot IN THAT CHAPTER, it does half in one chapter and half in the other, which make it VERY (I mean like VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY) hard to put down!

None that comes to mind.  So if there was anything, it was very mild.

There wasn't anything directly, but I did start having suspension that there is something between Houston and Leanna.  Not that it said anything, but I just thought (and hope) that it seemed that it might pop up in further books. If I am wrong, you can testify for me that I am.

Houston , Lee Rizin and Epps have animals that help maul and kill some guards (nothing gross is described), One of Houston's cyborg friends mentions 'hammering' someone (this character has tools instead of hands) and there is some small little things like that.

Drugs and drink:

I rate this book 5 stars for all the above mentioned stuff. ;-P

I wish to thank Scholastic for providing this book for me to review.  I am not being paid nor made to do this, but do it because I wish too.

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Anonymous said...

I probably wouldn't ever read these (just because I am so not sci fi) but they do sound very interesting!

Hannah said...

I don't think I've ever heard of this series, but they certainly sound neat! Great review and thanks for linking up to Book Love. Just one thing - could you please add the Book Love button to this post, so that we know you're linking up? Thanks so much!

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