Tuesday, March 15, 2011

As Small as a Elephant

Author: Jennifer Richard Jacobson
Pages: 275
Age level: 10 +
   Publisher: Candlewick

Publisher's Description:

"Ever since Jack can remember, his mom has been unpredictable, sometimes loving and fun, other times caught in a whirlwind of energy and "spinning" wildly until it’s over. But Jack never thought his mom would take off during the night and leave him at a campground in Acadia National Park, with no way to reach her and barely enough money for food. Any other kid would report his mom gone, but Jack knows by now that he needs to figure things out for himself - starting with how to get from the backwoods of Maine to his home in Boston before DSS catches on. With nothing but a small toy elephant to keep him company, Jack begins the long journey south, a journey that will test his wits and his loyalties - and his trust that he may be part of a larger herd after all."

My thoughts: 
This was very intruging.  I could almost feel like I was right there beside Jack, I got SO mad at his Mom.  And (for some reason) wanted him more then ANYTHING just to get away from the DSS people, Even though I knew the right thing would be to turn yourself in.

Jack hated his Mom at first, but in the end he forgives her, realizing that she still loves him. Even though she did leave him.  Jack's Grandmother still loves Jack's Mom, through it all.  It is a good example of loving through it all and forgiveness.

Jack IS running from DSS, and he lies quite often to escape detection.  Jack's Mom is a mental nut.  Jack Hates his Mom after learning she went to the -----(can't tell you, can I?).
Jack steals a toy.
Little stuff like that.

I don't remember anything.


Drugs and Drink:

I rate this book 5 stars.  For clean content, well formed characters and overall greatness.

You can Buy it at:

Candlewick.com sells it to you in Book or E-book form!

I received this book From Candlewick publishing. I was not asked or paid to do this. I only do it because I want to.

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This looks really interesting! How did you get books from Candlewick?

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