Friday, June 10, 2011

Standing in the light

Author:  Mary Pope Osborne
My recommended age: 10+
Their recommended age:  8+
Publisher:  Scholastic Press
Number of pages: 186

Publisher’s description:

"Caty Logan has always lived a quiet life with her Quaker family. But one day Caty's world is changed forever. The Lenape Indians, who have been viciously attacked by white settlers, retaliate by kidnapping Caty and her brother. Terrified and angry Caty rejects the Lenape family that tries to raise her as their own. A handsome warrior named Snow Hunter teachers Caty to respect Lenape traditions... and captures her heart. Now caught between two worlds, Caty wonders if she will ever be able to return to her old life."

My thoughts:
 I love Indian captive diaries ever since reading the book Alone yet not Alone.  I really lied this one as well.  I could feel the anger and worry Caty had against them, yet could also sympathize with the Lenapes that took her in as their own.  Ms. Osborne did really well in making you feel both sides feelings while only showing Caty's in depth.   If I had the choice to change something, I really don't think I'd change a thing.  It was clean, easy to read, and very interesting.
Romance and sexual content:
Caty does kinda fall in love with a brave, but something happens and it turns to nothing.  If anything, it makes Caty more sympathetic with the Indians.
 Caty and her brother pass a settlement where there are charred bodies on the river's edge.
It is talked about how some Indians scalped a family.
Drugs and drink:
I REALLY liked this book.  It was a bit below my age level of reading, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it.  (For a matter of fact, some of my favorite books are Dr. Seuss'!).  I give this book a:

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*I received this book from Scholastic Publishers.  I was neither paid nor made to do this, but did because I wanted to*

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