Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Author:  Baroness Emmuska Orczy
My recommended age: 11+
Their recommended age:  NA
Publisher:  (Mine) Bantam
Number of pages: 272

Publisher’s description:
"The first and most successful in the Baroness’s series of books that feature Percy Blakeney, who leads a double life as an English fop and a swashbuckling rescuer of aristocrats, The Scarlet Pimpernel was the blueprint for what became known as the masked-avenger genre. As Anne Perry writes in her Introduction, the novel “has almost reached its first centenary, and it is as vivid and appealing as ever because the plotting is perfect. It is a classic example of how to construct, pace, and conclude a plot. . . . To rise on the crest of laughter without capsizing, to survive being written, rewritten, and reinterpreted by each generation, is the mark of a plot that is timeless and universal, even though it happens to be set in England and France of 1792.”

My thoughts:
 The P. Description doesn't give this book enough credit.  There are reasons classics become classics.  They aren't full of nonsense, they show two sides of humanity, they have a strong hero or heroine,  they usually have good morals.  The Scarlet Pimpernel is an ageless book of danger, love, deceit and regret.  It moves you to love The Pimpernel, and hate the bad men.  You feel for Lady Blackney, and come on, who can really truly dislike Lord Blackney?  I want the person to fess up who can't.  Right now.  Your heart picks up it's pace when the Pimpernel is in danger, and when you really don't see how he will scape out of this one.  You grow to love all the characters.  Except Chuavelin.  Everyone can hate that guy.  You have my utmost permission.   And isn't the cover simply daring?  I stared at it for so long before I got it, and even longer once I did.
 There was a good deal of the use of the word, "Damn" (I feel bad for even typing that), but that is it. 
Good, ageless plot.
Strong characters.
Classical book.
Chivalry is a strong theme, I think.
Damn.  I think that is the only word.
Romance and sexual content:
Madame Guillotine is a strong aspect in this book, but it is during the French revolution.  There isn't anything gross or graphic in it.
Drugs and drink:
 Uh...I think they drink Wine once or twice.  And a background person orders beer.
I want to give this a 10 star.  I loved it.  But 5 is as high as I set my ratings, so it will have to go a

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