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:My random thoughts:

I love this book series.  I think they are engaging, well written, and packed full of excitment.  It isn't hard to believe that someday we might be invaded by the Alien race, Thule, either.  I think Mr. Lewis is an excelling writer!

:Publisher's Description:

The invasion was only the beginning . . .
After his parents were killed in a car accident, Colt McAllister was drawn into a world he thought only existed in comic books—one where mind control, jet packs, and flying motorcycles don't even scratch the surface.
Along with his best friends Oz and Danielle, Colt is now training at the secret Central Headquarters Against the Occult and Supernatural academy. But strange accidents seem to follow him. . . even with the security of the school grounds. What first seems random soon turns deadly. But who is targeting Colt?
As the alien invasions increase in frequency and force, C.H.A.O.S resources are taxed to the limit and they're forced to utilize the new recruits. In the midst of battle, Colt will discover some startling revelations . . . about himself, his friendship with Oz, and why he has been chosen to defeat this alien attack against earth.

:info to know:

Author:  Jon S. Lewis

My reccomended age:  11+

Their recomended age:  NA

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson Publishers.
Number of Pages: 288

  • Characters:   I think Mr. Lewis did an excellent job with his Characters.  But of them all, I must say Oz feels the most real to me because I have a friend a lot like him.  Each thing he says is just so REAL, it's freaky.  I also like how Colt is, in a way, maturing.  He isn't always looking over his shoulder in fear of the Thule.  Character development is just astounding.


Again, bravo Mr. Lewis.  There are certain things you KNEW are going to happen, and anticipate, but some, (Rogue robot and program) that I just didn't. 

Writing Style:

Very cool.  Thats all I can say. 


I want to give Mr. Lewis' cover artist a round of applause, he has done a stunning job!


It tied up the novel well, while still making you itch for book 3.

World Building:

Bravodimo!  Lewis has made the Thule REAL.  The gateways, REAL.  And I can never look at a seemingly unimportant building without thinking, "That could be the CHAOS headquarters".


Drugs and Drink:


Romance and sexual content:

Colt and Lilly aren't truly boyfriend/girlfriend, but they were closer then I could comfortably be with a boy.  No kissing, hugging or holding hands happened.


Without a doubt, I give this a:

*I recieved this novel free of charge from  All opinions are mine*

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