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:My random thoughts:
I've always been intrigued by the idea of supposedly extinct animals still being alive, and this book seemed like a good novel to help feed that interest. What I expected was a novel, though interesting, without much truth in it, outside of Creationism. What I got, however, was much different. A novel that gave me so many questions, so many thought provoking statements, and still without that clash of adventure one must have when writing about Dinosaurs. 

:Publisher's Description:
Author Jonathan C. Leicht, who travels the country teaching creation seminars, bypassed his busy teaching schedule long enough to pen this adventure-filled novel that will have readers at the edge of their seats. At the center of Behemoth is Jim Thompson, chief game warden of the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. Jim has a major problem. Three of his prized elephants have been gored to death in the past month. The only clues are mysterious tracks reportedly belonging to a creature long thought extinct. Thompson suddenly finds himself on a tumultuous adventure across the African continent, hoping to convince himself and the world that he is on the verge of an incredible discovery. He is not alone. On the other side of the world, Professor Stephen Gregory is embarking on an adventure of his own. Forced to resign over his unpopular scientific beliefs, this once-distinguished professor gets the chance of a lifetime when he is offered an expedition into the heart of Africa in search of a creature that could prove his theories true once and for all.

:info to know:

Author:  Jonathan C. Leicht

My recommended age:  12+

Their recommended age: NA

Publisher: Westbow Press

Number of Pages: 240

  • Characters:  They were all very real.  But Stephen Gregory really takes the award for most realistic character.  His story is so true. He started out as an Evolutionist Scientist, and was a renowned debater.  Many respected his views. But after his views changed, the scientific word shunned him, and even though they once respected his thoughts, he was now considered raving.  That is such a truthful happening. Many Creationist scientists lose their position in the scientific world after leaving evolution behind.

The book has two plots, Dr. Gregory's and Jim Thompson's. Both men searching for dinosaurs, and not knowing about each other.  However, while Jim's story remains pretty straight, with the exception of the Chipekwe giving them the slip by following a Rhino, Dr. Gregory's has a major twist towards the end. Lets just involves Guerrillas, traitors, and guns, shall I?

Writing Style:
Unless you really are interested in this sort of book,you probably wont like it, as it doesn't have the fastest pace.  It can actually be rather slow. But, if you really are interested, that shouldn't detain you.

Kinda reminded me of The Inheritance cycle....

Well, it was very expected.

World Building:
Africa. Congo.


Drugs and Drink:

Romance and sexual content:
Dr. Stephen Gregory is a widower, and falls in love with a certian Missionary in the Congo....the outcome should make any happy.
It was all clean.

If you have Guerrillas, can you honestly NOT have a bit of violence? A team member of Dr. Stephen's gets his throat cut, and it is a tad bit descriptive, but I didn't have a problem with it. And all the guerrillas end up on the losing side...thanks to the 'Behemoth' pretty much though.  So, warning: Don't ever fire on a Dinosaur unless you are in a big boat.

It was a really great read.  It has given me a lot of encouragement, and honestly? I got more from it, then I have from My Ken Ham school book...just saying.

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Marian said...

Sounds good--thanks for the review! I love a well-written sci-fi novel. Adding this to my reading list...

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