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:My random thoughts:
I noticed that a lot of reviewers started this book thinking Ellie and Argent's worlds would cross, That one of the girls would end up in the other one's world.  And I was no exception. I thought Ellie would venture into Argent's world to find Danny.  After I realized that didn't happen, for awhile I kinda lost interest in the book.  But, I picked it up again, because I have vowed that each book I start, I will finish it. Unless it is unmoral or depraved.  And, as so often happens, my first glance was very wrong.  After my second start at Glint, I found it very, very satisfying.

:Publisher's Description:

Ellie and her little brother Danny spend their lonely days making up stories about a young girl in a world of dragons and shape-shifters, a girl as brave and cunning as they would like to be.
Five years later Danny disappears. The police have no clues. They fear he is dead, but Ellie knows better. She also knows that she is the only one who can find him.
At the same time, in the world Danny and Ellie imagined, a young girl named Argent sets off on a quest of her own to reclaim a stolen dragon hatchling.
As each girl makes her way closer to her goal, the boundaries between the worlds of fantasy and reality begin to blur until it's unclear where one world ends and the other begins. Gripping, compelling, and utterly absorbing, Glint is the story of two worlds—and two heroines—that readers will never forget.

:info to know:

Author: Ann Coburn

My recommended age:  11+

Their recommended age: NA

Publisher: HarperCollins

Number of Pages: 432

  • Characters:  First off, when you read about Argent, you might think her a bit shallow.  And I won't differ, but I think she is perfect that way.  Remember, Argent and her whole world was created by an 11 Year Old, She naturally wouldn't have the same depth as Ellie and Danny.  Second, Lukos is freakin' awesome.  He was my first introduction to a Were creature, and I was....impressed. To say the least.

The book consisted of both Argent's quest to save the Dragons, and Effie's plot to find her brother and save him.  But, Ms. Coburn had the canny way of ending a chapter with you hanging on.  Then, you had to read all through the next girl's chapter, be left hanging again, and complete the last cliff hanger.  It made for a very fast read.

Writing Style:
As said in the plot, she kept me reading with anticipation.

It is nice.  No extra remarks to be made.

Well...I have read Sherlock Holmes for a couple of years now.  I have studied his methods, I have tried them myself.  So, when it comes to Mysteries, I usually ace them.  Except for Agatha Christie's.  The ending of Effie's plot would have come as a shock to most, but since I..*coughcough* diducted who the kidnapper was half way through the book...It didn't surprise me.  I'll give you readers a hint:
The body parts in jars.
 The really solved it for me. 

World Building:
Well, Argent's world was supposed to have been built by a drugged 11 year old...and I must say, Bravo Danny.


Drugs and Drink:
Danny is drugged to keep him asleep and calm while kidnapped.

Romance and sexual content:

Danny's kidnapper isn't gentle, but nothing bad really happens.
In Argent's world, A Duke is lit aflame, a Dragon theif is mauled by a Lion, and Lukos almost gets stoned.

It was a fast read, and I do NOT agree with the haters from Goodreads...I give this book a:

I did this review while drinking a hot cup of made me feel very writerly and professional. It might become a tradition now...Drink Hot tea while reviewing books.

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