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Torn Heart

:My random thoughts:
This book has been on my i-want-to-read-really-really-bad list for like, FOREVER.  An dI finally worked up the courage to talk to Ellyn about reviewing it.  She said yes, and I think I jumped and squealed with pure joy.  I really love reading books my young authors, (young meaning below the age of 20), and I was very eager to get my hands and imagination on Torn Heart.  Which, is wonderfully named, BTW.

:Publisher's Description:
A rebellion is rising… The peasants of Sierr have dealt with Queen Livia’s cruel hand long enough. Sixteen-year-old Jacha Simyrna, who has spent her whole life stealing food and places to sleep in the queen’s castle, finds herself trapped between the two sides. The clink of promised gold echoes in Jacha’s ears as she sets out to do what the queen asks of her, but she finds life with the peasants different than she had ever thought it would be. Will Jacha yield herself to the powers of money, or the powers of friendship?

:info to know:

Author:  Ellyn Gibbs

My recommended age:  10+

Their recommended age: na

Publisher: Createspace
Number of Pages: 246

  • Characters:   Superb.  I really enjoyed learning about all of them.  However, I really wish there was more depth into Verrda and the Dark men.  However, that would've taken away from Jacha's story.  Torn Heart isn't about Vorrda, it's about Jacha.  {Hint, Ellyn, perhaps you could build this into a series? Writing some about the beginning of the Dark Men, and another shwoing what happened after Torn Heart ends?}  She has done a post on her blog, HERE about the characters, if you wish to read it.

What do you call books that you forget you are reading, that make you forget there is a plot, and you read along until, BAM! You are closing that last page?

Writing Style:
Ellyn is really good. But, that sounds like a cheap reply.  She is a new writer, so there is some difference in her writing and, lets say, C.S Lewis'.  But it has a charm all it's own.  I really do believe, that Ellyn will bud (she has already started!) into a very gifted, and enriching writer!

She made it her self, and I absolutely LOVED it!

It left me hungry.  For more.  It was final in it's own way, but I kept thinking, "Does Kiann and Jacha get married?". 

World Building:
Beautiful.  I could picture everything from the Palace halls to the Brick yard with extreme clarity.



Drugs and Drink:

Romance and sexual content:
One kissing scene.  But it was in a way that made me giggle, not go "Oh, bleck!".

There is a battle towards the end.  Many die.  But it wasn't gory or horrid.  Very clean and matter of fact.
What is a fantasy novel without a battle?  A rotten book, thats what.

Ellyn has a gift.  That is certain.   I have 'known' her since before this book was published, and squealed with delight once it was.  We are in a writing club (Inkblots, check us out!) together, and I count her as a valued e-friend.

But even if she was a perfect stranger to me, I'd still give Torn Heart a

Now, who would be interested in a giveaway with this book? If I get enough 'yay's I shall put my copy to to shared. If I don't, I shall hoard it like a glutton. Of books.

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jedigal1990 said...

great review sounds like a fantastic book

Ellyn said...

Glad the kissing part made you laugh, Miss Ashley!

And thanks for the review. I'm blushing over here.

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