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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

:My random thoughts:
Alice's story is practically a legend.  She has had multiple books written about her, all sorts of movies (of which the most popular is either the Disney animated version, or Tim Burton's masterpiece).  It wasn't until this year, that my good friend, Joanna, introduced me to the world of Wonderland.  I had always thought the story was a horrid tale, something meant to scare children, but I was very prejudice, seeing how I had neither read nor watched anything about them.   After watching Johnny Depp portray the Hatter, and Helena Bonham Carter the big headed Queen, I was hooked. Bait, line, and sinker.   It was only natural, that I wanted to read the book as well.  I was somewhat surpirsed, somewhat not.  I like the book better then the older Disney version (I hate how Hatter is shown. Horrid, horrid, horrid!), but, I must say, Tim Burton's is still my favorite.

:Publisher's Description:
In 1865, English author CHARLES LUTWIDGE DODGSON (1832-1898), aka Lewis Carroll, wrote a fantastical adventure story for the young daughters of a friend. The adventures of Alice-named for one of the little girls to whom the book was dedicated-who journeys down a rabbit hole and into a whimsical underworld realm, instantly struck a chord with the British public, and then with readers around the world. Dodgson's playfulness-with language, with mathematical puzzles, with testy creatures such as the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts-still confounds and teases lovers of fantasy fiction today. Alice acolytes continue to unravel the book's strange riddles, and constantly find new meaning in the unexpected underlying themes, from the trials of early adolescence to the value of nonsense. The conundrums and delights of Alice ensures its ongoing influence over modern pop culture.

:info to know:

Author:  Lewis Carroll

My recommended age:  10+

Their recommended age:  9+

Publisher: Various
Number of Pages: various

  • Characters: n some ways, the characters were better then the first Disney movie...but, some were still tedious.  I do like how Hatter was shown as almost witty in the book.
    "really, now, you ask me" Alice said, very much confused, "I don't think--" "Then you shouldn't talk" said the Hatter."

Is there a plot? Oh, of course there is, you can't have a story without a plot. 

Writing Style:
You know, there were so many hidden jewels in the book. 

'If everybody minded their own business,' the Duchess said in a hoarse growl, 'the world would go round a deal faster than it does.'
And, we all know how silly and carefree Carroll's writing is, but, he managed to add a bit of value to it.  Like the above quote.  So simply, but dreadfully true.

Each cover is different from the next.  That will be the trouble with classics.

This, sadly, was the worst part for me.  To realize it was all a dream? BAH, HUMBUG! I shall still search high and low for a rabbit hole to tumble into.   Another reason why I prefer Burton's movie, it showed Wonderland as a real place.  Not some nightmare.

World Building:
Wonderland, has become as real as Mars to many of us.  A Place we've never seen, but have heard of.  Through telescopes and satellites we view Mars, through words and movies we see Wonderland.



Drugs and Drink:
Alice drinks a potion to make her smaller.

Romance and sexual content:

Ok, I laughed at this.
Romance in Wonderland?
Only in the Burton movie.

                      The Queen orders heads off, but the King always goes behind her pardoning everybody.
Talk about a dysfunctional family!

If I hadn't watched the Burton movie already,  I would've loved the book much more.
Yet, I like it better then the first Disney movie.
I abhor that one with almost the same strengthen as I do Robert Downey Jr. playing Sherlock Holmes. 

Should you read it?
If you are a dedicated Wonderland fan, yes. Please do.  It is always best to read or wtahc whatever we can get on hands on if we are dedicated fans.

If you aren't? Nah. Just watch the Burton movie, become a fan, then read it.

So, in a roundabout way, yes. Read it once your a fan.

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Hannah said...

Oh, I adore Wonderland. I've never seen the Burton movie (yet), but our drama club is doing the play! I'm the March Hare, and my friend Rebekah is the Mad Hatter. we're really excited.

Carole said...

Great reminder of a good oldie. The best non-fiction book I have read for years was Better

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