Saturday, February 18, 2012

Changes (y'all need to read this post)

Ok, I've been thinking about bringing some changes to *TER.   I would like some very honest opinions, and possible volunteers.

Possible Change #1:
I've been thinking about doing different interviews,
one way would be different authors, and if I did that, I would like opinions on what authors you peeps would be interested in reading about.
The Second way, would be interviewing different readers on things, such as e-readers, certain books, That sort of thing.

Possible Change #2:
I'd have a 'reader spotlight' once a month.  A certain reader who had caught my eye, and I featured on here.
This could be combined into possible change #1 option 2.

Possible Change #3:
I like TER's design, but is it time for a change?

Possible Change #4:
Do you readers like the way I format my reviews? Do I spill to many spoilers? Should I include more discussion, and less facts?  Sometimes I feel like when I review a book, I do more then just give it a certain star count, it seems as if I pick it apart with toothpicks, and dissect the whole novel.  Am I correct in that assumption? Do y'all prefer it that way?  Or would you rather I change?

Possible Change #5:
I might possibly start taking requests to review certain books.
(there would be limitations, and I wont review some books that I feel aren't good.  I have to protect my mind and imagination, ya know).

So, I need some comments on this! Tell me what y'all think.
Pretty pretty please with a big, ripe, and beautifully red Cherry on top!

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Rissi said...

I think whatever is best for you is how you should blog - it is your blog and as such, you should do what works best for you.

Having said that... I think you have some really good ideas. The "spotlight" idea sounds fun, and it is always fun to go with a new look. Whatever you decide, have some fun with it. =)

Celtic Traveler said...

I think everything such as the blog's appearance and the way you review, should stay the same.
I do like the idea of Possible Change #2. It sounds extremely fun!

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