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The Red Queen's Daughter

:My random thoughts:
I'll be brutally honest with you.  I picked this up not because of the Cover, the plot, none of that.  I picked it up because of the name.  I didn't truly know what sort of book I checked out at the library, I just adored the name.  For if you know me even a little, you know I am a dedicated Alice/Hatter/Wonderland fan.  As I got to reading, and got to realizing it had, indeed, noting to do with my Red Queen, I put it aside.  In fact, I took to reading my History books before repicking this back up.  My final decree on this novel? Keep reading.

:Publisher's Description:

Orphaned as a young girl because of the imprudent marriage of her mother, Queen Katherine Parr, Mary Seymour vows never to fall in love—and under no circumstances will she marry. Lady Strange, her mysterious guardian, offers the young woman an extraordinary alternative to marriage: Mary is to become a white magician who will join Queen Elizabeth’s court and ensure the success of the Virgin Queen’s reign.

Accompanied by her magical hound, Perseus, Mary sets out to learn the properties of different stones and the art and precision of natural spells. Soon after her sixteenth birthday, she joins Elizabeth’s court as a lady-in-waiting. Upon her arrival, Mary realizes that Elizabeth’s court is rife with men and women who are vying for power. The most dangerous of all is Edmund Seymour, Mary’s disturbingly handsome cousin. From the moment she meets Edmund, Mary has to fight her growing attraction, especially once she discovers that he is a black magician, the dark mirror of her own self. But, despite the threat Edmund poses to Mary, he seems to be the only one who truly understands her. When Edmund becomes involved in a plot against the Queen, Mary finds her beliefs tested in ways she never could have imagined.

:info to know:

Author:  Jacqueline Kolosov

My recommended age:  15+

Their recommended age:  18+

Publisher:  Hyperion Book.

Number of Pages:432

  • Characters: From the start, I liked Lady Strange.  And as soon as I met Edmund, I hated him with a burning fire. I loathed him, his sickness of soul (I shall get to that in a moment, dear readers!).  Vivienne was just the same.  at first, I didn't trust Lord Dudley, but as time wore on...I realized what a good man he was.  In fact, I still like him better then Edmund.  Maybe....

At first, I was a little disappointed seeing how I had hoped for something with a bit more 'Wonderland'...but, after picking it up the second time, I became enthralled.  The plot flew by very fast, and left no holes.

Writing Style:
  If Ihad 3 thumbs, they'd all be lifted.  Ms. Kolosov really brought everything to life.



At first, I was a little sad.  But the last sentence shows, it wasn't really the End. E----- wasn't really dead and gone.

World Building:
It is a pre-exsisting world, and place.  But Mrs. Kolosov really brought the court of 'The Virgin Queen' to life before my eyes.


I can't remember any.

Drugs and Drink:
Queen Elizabeth drinks Beer, as it is her favorite beverage.  But she never gets drunk.
As I don't have anywhere else to put this, If you are strictly against any books with magic, pass on by.  This book is filled, no, it is about magicians, both Black arts, and Good white ones.  Spells, enchantments, the list could go on.  

Romance and sexual content:

More then I was completely comfortable with.
Lets see the list:
Edmund seduces a Lady in Waiting, and the affect, is her getting pregnant.
Mary falls in love (and vis versa) with Edmund, and even though there is no sexual intercourse, it does describe their kiss pretty...graphically?  I think I'm ruined for life.
*vomit noises*
                                 Mary is attacked by Vivienne's army of mice that eat people alive.
I think that is it....

Overall? I liked the book.  But liking is not loving.  I wish Ms. Kolosov hadn't been to descriptive in Edmund and Mary's romance.  True, no sexual intercourse happened, but, really? Do you need to tell people how they kissed?

My final rating?

The only thing that holds it back from a 5 star rating, is the over descriptive ness.   I mean, is it really needed to make a good book?

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