Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heir of the Force

:My random thoughts: 
So, my first Star Wars Expanded Universe novel.  I guess it was ok, and I won't lie and say it wasn't interesting. But, I'm not huge for all the 'after Return of the Jedi' stories. I'm perfectly fine leaving everything as it is. The idea of Mara Jade nearly makes me sick. Star Killer is a joke, but I will admit, That Red eyed dude has something going for him....

:Publisher's Description:
While exploring the jungle outside the academy, the twins make a startling discovery—the remains of a TIE fighter that had crashed years ago during the battle against the first Death Star. Mechanical whiz Jaina thinks she can repair it…if they can sneak the right parts from the academy.
Meanwhile, their work is being closely watched—but not by academy eyes. The original pilot, an Imperial trooper, has been living wild in the jungle since his ship went down. Waiting to return to duty. And now his chance has come…
  :info to know:
Author: Kevin Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
My recommended age: 8+
Their recommended age: NA
Publisher: Berkley Press
Number of Pages: 240
  • Characters:  Han Solo and Chewbacca were written splendidly. Although Captain Solo is now General Solo, he kept his character while adding a Fatherly twist.  Luke Skywalker disappointed me. He just seemed so lame. Not at all like the Luke I know. And then Jiana, Jacen, Lowbacca, and Tenel Ka. I didn't know much about these 4, except Jacen and Jiana are the children of Leia and Han, and they were Jedi. So, I can't say if the book kept to their character.
It was good. Fan fictions have a plot style all their own.

Writing Style:
As in the plot, Fan fictions always have a writing style that is their own. A certian, pardon me, cheesy, feel to it. I guess the reason why is because it doesn't feel original. It feels like a borrowed, worn out pen. Used to much and spread to thin. Also, Heir of the Force had absolutely NO moral to it. There wasn't even the mediocre, 'Friendship' moral. It was just a story. Just fluff to fill your brain. Sherlock Disapproves.

Nice to see a picture of Lowbacca...but where is Tenel Ka? I had to google a picture of her.

I'll just say, it was really lame. Jiana and Jacen (And Tenel Ka, and Lowbacca got out of that little mess without even a chastening. And then, What about Qorl? You're just gonna let him blast off to space? That was real lame man. 

World Building:
Seeing how they were building on somebody else's Science Fiction world...I'll give them a B+.

Drugs and Drink:
Romance and sexual content:

Ok. It was a clean book, a super fluffy read, and lame, when you wrap it all up, and add some red twine for looks, you get:
I know you were all expecting a 1 or 2 star. But It wasn't a bad book. If was interesting, and a pretty good EU starter. But just empty. I prefer some meat with my words puhleeze.

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Solace Utara said...

I never give star wars books anything lower than a five star... because I like them all. I haven't read this book yet but I've read 104 star wars books :)

James and Jacob said...

I would highly recommend reading Heir to the Empire, that is my favorite Star Wars book. Although you might not like since you do not like Mara Jade.
Also is Heir to the Force an actual Fan fic? I thought it was offical.


Ashley said...

I knew I was going to make make plenty of you mad, n
But when I review, I *must* give a completely, uninfluenced review. I still do want to read Heir to the Empire (because of before said Red Eyed Dude) but Mara Jade...Jedis arent supposed to marry....remember?

Oh, and if it was written by someone other then Mr. Lucas, I consider it fan fiction.

Sunshine said...

Hi Ashley, um this is completely off topic about you're review on the Star Wars books, but I was looking at you're side bar and saw that you offered to read books written by other kids. So I was wondering if you wouldn't mind reading mine (it's on blogger) and telling me what you think?

~ Allie

PS: If you comment back I'll give you the info. :)

Ashley said...


I'd love to! I'm also going to comment on your blog (well..lol...one of them. You certainly have a lot!) in case you don't see this.

Sunshine said...

Haha thanks Ashley! And yes I do have a lot of them :)
Okay here's the book that I'm working on.
Its under editing and I'm open to any ideas you have :)


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