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London Calling

:My random thoughts:
Do you 'sense' colors when you read books? I'm not certain how to explain it, but how you get different feelings from memories, the same is sorta with me and books. The Soldier's Cross was golden. A Lot Like a Lady is Shiny Black. North of Beautiful is a light pink. and Torn Heart is minty Green. All books have colors for me. And London Calling was for the most part grey. Martin's life, Martin's school, Martin's troubles, Martin's Friends. Everything casts a Grey aura. Until we meet Jimmie. Then, everything starts becoming Yellow. Until Martin wakes up and is back in his normal life. Then it goes to Grey again. But, by the end, Even Martin's world is Yellow. Somehow, along the line of plot, the grey lightens, and finally dissolves into cheerfulness. It certianly makes for a satisfying read.

:Publisher's Description:
Martin Conway comes from a family filled with heroes and disgraces. His grandfather was a statesman who worked at the US Embassy in London during WWII. His father is an alcoholic who left his family. His sister is an overachieving Ivy League graduate. And Martin? Martin is stuck in between--floundering.

But during the summer after 7th grade, Martin meets a boy who will change his life forever. Jimmy Harker appears one night with a deceptively simple question: Will you help?

Where did this boy come from, with his strange accent and urgent request? Is he a dream? It's the most vivid dream Martin's ever had. And he meets Jimmy again and again--but how can his dreams be set in London during the Blitz? How can he see his own grandather, standing outside the Embassy? How can he wake up with a head full of people and facts and events that he certainly didn't know when he went to sleep--but which turn out to be verifiably real?

The people and the scenes Martin witnesses have a profound effect on him. They become almost more real to him than his waking companions. And he begins to believe that maybe he can help Jimmy. Or maybe that he must help Jimmy, precisely because all logic and reason argue against it.

This is a truly remarkable and deeply affecting novel about fathers and sons, heroes and scapegoats. About finding a way to live with faith and honor and integrity. And about having an answer to the question: What did you do to help?
:info to know:
Author: Edward Bloor
My recommended age: 12+
Their recommended age: 10+
Publisher: Ember
Number of Pages: 304
  • Characters:  They were all life like to a certian degree. However, for the most part, all the living Characters were grey and dull. They gave off a rather depressed air. Except for Jimmie. excpet for dead, searching Jimmie. Which, is kinda odd. He is dead, and is pulling Martin/Johnny to his time period, shouldn't he be the dull one?
It kept you thinking. What was Martin supposed to do? What was Jimmie needing his help with so much? How was this going to fix Martin's problems? What did they all have in common. And, when you reached the end, the "Ah HA!" moment, it all seemed so plain. So innocent. So childlike. but it led to oh so much more then Jimmie had planned. So much more.

Writing Style:It was like a puzzle. A spell binding puzzle.
Isn't so pretty?

It left you feeling complete. Some stories make you yearn for more (ex. Phantom of the opera, Chalice) but this book made my happy. I was glad James Harker had found his peace and made things right with his son. I was glad Martin's Dad was back on the right track. I was glad Martin's life cast off the grey look to it, and he began a new life in the yellow.

World Building:
Well, not to copy what I said in 'My Random Thoughts' but, the colors made it. Even though WW2 London was plagued with bombs, with black outs, with cowards, traitors, and fear, you just felt the yellow, raw courage pulse through you. You felt the hope under the hurt. The healing of London under her scars. And you felt Jimmie's joy at life. his vibrance. That was the most ntoicable thing in the World Building. It was magnificent.
I don't think there was anything...
Drugs and Drink:
Martin's Dad is a shameless drunk. but by the end, he repairs his ways.

Romance and sexual content:

This requiers a slight spoiler. the whole book was, in a wrapped around way, about a murder. Believe it or not.
There are 2 school scuffles.
World War II England...air raids, bombs, bombs, more bombs, death. yeah.

this book is amazing. It kept you spell bound, and entrapped. It's colors were satisfing. It's feel was lovely.  Without the slightest hesitation, I bestow upon it a grande:

Should I include a Color section in my review?

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I'm going to look for this book, sounds like something I might like. Thanks for sharing! It sounds like a time traveling story almost, ah yes, I must find it!

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