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The Rogues

:My random thoughts: 
I'm not entirely sure why I picked up this book. Maybe the name drew me in, or perhaps it was the mention of a "Robin Hood like Rogue". Whatever made me check this book out from the library, I am so glad I did. I hadn't gotten far in it when I had to put it down, but I picked it up again yesterday, and just finished it. Novels set in Scotland are so much fun. And I do believe my Scottish accent has gotten better.

:Publisher's Description:
When everyone in his Scottish village is violently evicted from their land by the laird, Roddy Macallan knows he must find a way to fight back. As his family escapes, making their way through the Scottish Highlands bound for Glasgow, Roddy sneaks home in search of a treasure his mother once told him was hidden there. But the search becomes more than that when Roddy teams up with a Robin Hood–like rogue who roams the Highlands just ahead of the unscrupulous laird.

  :info to know:
Author: Jane Yolan and Robert J. Harris
My recommended age: 12+
Their recommended age: NA
Publisher: Philomel
Number of Pages: 288
  • Characters:  Love. The depth put in every character was wonderful. There weren't any filler characters. You kinda felt each one was real, each had their own stories of sorrow and happiness. But I must say, even though Roddy was the main character, Alan Dunbar was excellent. You kept guessing with him. One moment, I thought I had him figured out as a dead drunk who sold Whiskey, the next time I met him, I figured him to be more then he at first appeared. Then, I went back to thinking he was a selfish brute. And this kept going on and on, until I realized he was a bit of each. A Soldier mentally scarred, yet hiding it under a thick layer of nonchalance. A lover, who's sweet heart was out of his league, but yet needed him. A man who thought himself worse then he was at soul. Alan Dunbar stole the show.
It was enchanting. It gave you a taste of Scottish life, and kept you drawn in even at the most boringest parts.

Writing Style:
Lyrical. Thats the best way I can figure it out. It was like a music of it's own. the Authors played out the tune without wearing you down. Enough description to keep you happy, but not enough to bog you down.

I'm still trying to figure out which one is Roddy, and which is

Oh happiness. First off, I'm really glad the authors didn't drag into the sailing to the new World thing. There are enough books about emigrants and pioneers who left all behind. If they had done that, it would've spoiled the feel of the story.  And then, we have Roddy getting back to his family, and then, we see Alan Dunbar without all his act. How, I think, he truly was. A man who simply wanted to be loved back. A man who yearned for more.

World Building:
Oh, beloved Scotland.

There are a few references of them cursing, but you don't ever know what words they use.
Drugs and Drink:
*coughlaughcough* Alan Dunbar makes his own whiskey and sells it, and Roddy gets drunk after drinking to much of the strong stuff. But it is never in an overbearing light. Rather a matter of fact thing. 

Romance and sexual content:

The farmers keep their distance from Willie Rood, from fear he will 'Smash their heads in'. 
Willie plans to drop Roddy over a cliff and kill him, thankfully, Alan saves the day.
Roddy gets Alan to tell about the day he fought against Napoleon's army, and Alan spares no detail.
Alan is forced to kill Willie Rood to protect himself.
It was a beautiful story. It might not be meant for those who prefer fast paced novels and action around every corner. But I enjoyed it to the very fullest of myself. It was a sweet read, one that makes you smile when you shut the book.
Therefore, I give it a:

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Miss Jack Lewis Baillot said...

Scotland...Robin Hood...Oh! My library had better have this book! Yes, that's all I can say. If one was to put a Robin Hood type character in a book set in Scotland it is sure to be amazing. 8-D

Hannah said...

Hi! I awarded you at my blog, Candy Apple Books.

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