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The Two Princesses of Bamarre

:My random thoughts:
This was my first entrance to Ms. Levine's writing, and I was entirely pleased. Everything about this novel was lovely (But Rhys is the loveliest part...just sayin').  Eervything had an air of beauty, an air of magic, an air of adventure. I will certainly be going back to The writing of Gail Carson Levine.

:Publisher's Description:
A kingdom beset by monsters . . .
A disease that weakens and destroys . . .
An epic poem and a hero of long ago . . .
A story of danger and desperation.

The Two Princesses of Bamarre couldn't be more different. Princess Addie is fearful and shy. Her deepest wish is for safety. Princess Meryl is bold and brave. Her deepest wish is to save the kingdom of Bamarre. They are sisters, and they mean the world to each other.
Then disaster strikes, and Addie -- terrified and unprepared -- sets out on a perilous quest. In her path are monsters of Bamarre: ogres, specters, gryphons, and dragons. Addie must battle them, but time is running out, and the sister's lives -- and Barmarre's fate -- hang in the balance.

:info to know:
Author: Gail Carson Levine
My recommended age: 12+
Their recommended age: 10+
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages: 256
  • Characters:  Normally, I hate timid characters. While I'm not the bravest soul, I'm not timid and annoyingly so. I just don't have any patience for Characters that wither in dark corners and don't do something with their life. But, I didn't feel that way with Addie. I almost felt, a sort of, bond with her. However, we are nothing alike, so I contribute that feeling to Ms. Levine's excellent writing craft. And then, Meryle was a delightful character to read about. So much spunk and life. If she hadn't gotten sick, I feel there could be a great many books about her adventures alone! And now, I come to Rhys..*bestillheart*...Sweetness, beautifulness, and Mysterious. Perfect guy. He sorta reminds me of a Manga Character.  I loved him. Addie and Rhys are a perfect match.
It was so much fun. The pace was a little fast, and never was it dull or slow. Following Addie on her journey, clapping at her first brave act, Watching her face off a Dragon, and use her wits. It was spell binding.

Writing Style:
Enjoyable. Magical. Sweet.
It's Sweet. It feels like a Renaissance painting without spoiling the fantasy genre.

It gave me a rather odd feeling. Normally, when a book ends, I feel a sort of sadness creep over my soul because it is done. No more. The story ends. It is a kind of funeral for the Characters, almost. But, with 'The 2 Princesses of Bamarre', I felt content. Even though it could leave me feeling like "What now?", it didn't. I felt content, I felt satisfied.

World Building:
I give her an A+ on World Building. Bamarre seems so real, I would only be partially surprised if I ever see it on a Travel brochure.

I mentioned doing this in my last review, and I think i shall.  The Color I get for 'The Two Princessess of Bamarre' is Yellow. Light, Dandelion Yellow.                                                                                      
Drugs and Drink:

Romance and sexual content:
Addie falls in love with Rhys early on, but becasue she isn't sure if Sorcerers can marry Humans, she doesn't express it until once, when she is preparing to leave, she kisses him on the cheek. 

Griffins engorge themselves to death, And a tale is told of Drault's love who was eaten by monsters. Addie slays a Dragon, there is a battle at the end.
It should be no surprise to you at all that I give this a:

Have you read any of Gail Carson Levine's works?

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Lauren said...

I love this book a lot. It was one of my favorite books growing up. It's been a while since I read it....

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